Final Challenge of 2017

It’s time for the 4th and final challenge of the year 😀

John Stocker is running the Liverpool to Leeds Canal Race on the 27th August and in doing so will complete the Canal Grand Slam 😀

The Liverpool to Leeds challenge is 130 miles to be completed between 27th August and 8th September. The miles can be done on the treadmill, bike, rower and X-trainer. Outside miles can be completed as long as they are recorded on a watch or phone. Like last time, teams are allowed but the maximum team size is 3.

And now for the new twist 😉 For every 10 miles you do, at least one of the miles must be done on the treadmill – running or walking. Everybody is responsible for contributing to their own mile on the treadmill, you cannot share that treadmill mile 🙂

Who’s up for the final challenge of the year. Let’s make it a good one and have some fun 😀
Bring on the Liverpool to Leeds Challenge 🙂 And as we say at the start of races, don’t be shit 😉