Thames Ring Challenge

John Stocker won his first race – the Thames Ring 250 in a new course record of 58 hours and 52:12 minutes 🙂 Massive congratulations John 🙂

So the third challenge was on back at the club – this time teams were allowed for the first time and the challenge was 250 miles in 28 days! The first team across the line was “Team GB (Lorraine Bell, Paul Bell, Tobey Bell, John Greenwood & Megan Greenwood)”, followed by “Are we there yet (Karen McGill, Tim McGill & Clare Varney)”, “The Rudders (Matt Rudd & Sarah Rudd)” and “Team Hammond +1 (Andy Hammond, Mel Hammond & Sue Manhood)”. The first solo entrant to finish was Andy Nutt, followed by Ian Obinna and Ian Cripps. Fantastic achievement everyone, congratulations to everyone that took up the challenge 🙂

John’s next race is the KACR which is 140 miles starting on the 28 June, closely followed by the NDW100 the next weekend. Good luck John, we are all behind you 🙂

You will all be glad to know that the club challenge is taking a rest during these races, but will be back in August for the LLCR Challenge, just 130 miles – Bring it on 😉