January Highlights – Evolve’s SPINE Challenge – A Great Success

January saw many customers take on Evolve’s Spine Challenge 🙂

Whilst John Stocker only had 7 days to complete the SPINE Race, Evolve’s customers were challenged to do the same distance (268 miles) in the luxury of the gym and over the 30 days of January. Their progress was watched as the challengers own markers moved up the map of the Pennine Way, provided by Maps International (https://www.mapsinternational.co.uk/). Thank you so much Maps International the map was a great focus for the challenge!

Could anyone doing the Evolve SPINE Challenge finish before John? The first person to cross the line was Sarah Rudd and four others also beat John to the finish. But hey they had the luxury of the gym and also included the bike, rower and cross-trainer as well as the treadmill! The last one to cross the finish before the end of January was Evolve’s own Sue who achieved the 268 miles on foot just like John 🙂

Eight people in total completed the Challenge – Congratulations to Ian Obinna, John Alderidge, John Greenwood, Liza Nicklin, Rob Carter, Sarah Rudd, Sharon Carter and Sue Manhood. The person who covered the most miles in January was Ian Obinna, who covered over 400 miles in January!

There were lots of personal bests achieved in the month, so congratulations to everyone who took part. Special mention to Megan Greenwood who is continuing the challenge even though January is over – come on Megan you can do it 🙂 Also to Danielle Baldwin who achieved PBs on the treadmill throughout January 🙂

Awesome work everyone, bring on the next Evolve Challenge 😉