John Stocker Wins the Monarch’s Way Ultra

John Stocker smashed the course record for the Monarch’s Way Ultra by 11 hours and 5 mins. He completed the 615 miles in 287:30:36, just under 12 days!

The Monarch’s Way Ultra race aims to replicate the escape route used by King Charles II but without the certain death if you are caught and you can’t use a horse or have someone with you all the ways as he did. The race is 615 miles non-stop with time, tiredness and your own abilities called into question. The race is a maximum of 14 days with cut off times at the various CP locations along the way, this means an average of 43 miles completed each day every day for 2 weeks.

John Stocker was only the 4th person to finish out of 24 that have ever started the event, which was running for it’s fourth year. He was determined to complete the course having DNF last year, the only race he has never finished, and he did it in style. John led from the first check point to the finish line and in the words of the organiser “Top running John, I thought the previous record would be tough to beat but your record is really going to take some beating”.