A Look Back On 2017


2017 started with the SPINE Race known as the most brutal race in the UK and we all learnt the art of dot watching as John battled through the elements to complete his first race of many in 2017. He also hit the newspapers for his success in this race and again in July when he came first and broke the record for the Thames Ring 250. In total John ran 1, 520 miles during races, completed two grand slams in the process and achieved many PBs; what a fantastic year.

Not to be outdone by his dad, young Owen Stocker also made the newspapers on numerous occasions and won year 5 and 6 boys cross country. At the start of 2017, he also won the member of the year at the Bicester Athletic Cross Country.

Emelie Stocker completed her first Centurion race, and Leanne Stocker achieved many ultra races clocking up PBs along the way.

There were many more family achievements, especially at the Bournemouth marathon where PBs were achieved and 13 medals were won.

Other fantastic turnout at races included:

Blenheim 10K: Nick Bass, Megan Greenwood, Karen McGill, Tim McGill, Sarah Obinna, Clare Varney

Blenheim Half Marathon: Aiden Cowles, Dan Giddens, Tony Giddens, John Greenwood, Sam Suter

Milton Keynes Half Marthon: Elizabeth Bell, Sue Manhood, Karen McGill, Kate Peacock, Clare Varney

New Forrest: Gary Anderson, Sue Manhood, Caroline Oakes, Ed Peacock, John & Leanne Stocker

Oxford Half: Josh Kelloway, Liam Kiely, Caroline Oakes

OX5: Darren Davis, Megan Greenwood, Ben Miles, Tom Smythe, Clare Varney

Town & Gown: Tim Ball, Hannah Fraser, Karen McGill, Tim McGill., Kate Peacock, Kelly Sawyer, Clare Varney, Louise Workman

And of course the Santa Fun Run….

Other achievements include:

Rob Barton coming 5th in the Bicester Triathlon and 1st in his age group; very impressive considering it was his first triathlon.

Sammy Sutter won her first race at the Adderbury Spires.

Lawrence Webb ran his first race since school, and went on to complete many more. A fantastic achievement given he couldn’t even walk on the treadmill when he first joined Evolve.

There were many other achievements throughout the year, including many first races, lots of PBs – far too many to mention but congratulations to all. Lets do it all again in 2018 🙂

There were also three gym Challenges – Congratulations to all that took part – John Alderidge, Gary Anderson, Lorraine, Paul & Tobey Bell, Rob & Sharon Carter,  Ian Cripps, Daniel Giddens, John, Megan & Oliver Greenwood, Andy & Melanie Hammond, Sue Manhood, Karen & Tim McGill, Liza Nicklin, Andy Nutt, Ian Obinna, Ed Peacock, Sarah & Matt Rudd, Mathew Swales, Emily Taylor, Clare Varney. Watch out though, John has 615mile race planned for 2018!

Finally, but definitely not last, Evolve Health & Fitness said a sad farewell to Michael Butland who died too young at the start of July; your happy smile will always be missed.