Members Highlights 2018

The new year has got off to a good start 🙂

John & Leanne Stocker have led the way running two Ultra races together – County to Capital (45 miles) and the New Forrest 50K where they were joined by Gary Anderson and Bruce Clark. Congratulations to Leanne for a PB in the County to Capital, Gary for his PB in the New Forrest and Bruce for his first Ultra.

John has also run the Arc of Attrition, a race where there were more retirees than finishers and one that John described harder than the SPINE! Not to be outdone by his parents, young Owen Stocker won the cross country best performance for U11 🙂

Sam Suter was the second lady home in the Hardwick X-Stream race; a fantastic start to her 2018 season.

Lawrence Webb ran the Muddy March Run in the snow and completed his first duathalon in Oxford. He also won the Bicester Green Spaces challenge; there is no stopping him.

Clare Varney and Karen McGill completed the Vitality Big Half as part of their marathon training; Clare also kept her work colleagues company in the OX5 and easily beat her time from last year.

Sue Manhood has run the first two Maverick Races and plans to complete all eight of their races in 2018. She also got a medal for running 100miles in February.

A massive congratulations to Stephen Mudge for being Slimming World’s Biggest Loser and also to Cass Barnett for losing her third stone at Slimming World – Fantastic achievement both of you!

There was the first gym challenge of 2018 – The Arc of Attrition Challenge. Like the race, this challenge was one of the hardest and for the first time included all four cardio machines. There were only three finishers – John Greenwood, Andy Nutt and Sue Manhood. Sophie Barnes came fourth in her first challenge, Rob Hill exceeded his personal challenge and Megan Greenwood was the youngest member to take part. Congratulations also to Ian Obinna, Ed Peacock and Gary Anderson.

Who’s up for the next Challenge? It starts on the 12th May, lasts for one month and includes 615 miles! Teams of up to 3 members are allowed. It again includes all cardio machines, but the twist this time is that there are weekly cut-offs! Who is brave enough to take on the Monarch’s Way challenge? Good luck to John who starts the Monarch’s Way Ultra on 19h May.