The SPINE Race Starts, Evolve’s SPINE Challenge

The Montane SPINE Race for 2017 started today at 08:30, the picture below is of John Stocker at the start 🙂

Go to our Facebook page for regular updates, you can also track live at the link:

It has also been the second week of Evolve’s SPINE Challenge. There have been lots of PBs this week, so congratulations to everyone taking part 🙂

Can anyone stay ahead of John this week or will he pass us all? Remember it’s not the winning that counts, it is achieving our on personal goals so keep up the good work everyone 🙂

Leaderboard for Bike

Sarah Rudd: 238 miles

Neil Hyett: 64 miles

Leaderboard for Treadmill

Sue Manhood: 100 miles

Danielle Baldwin: 27 miles

Leaderboard for Mixed Cardio

Ian Obinia: 191 miles

Rob Carter: 180miles

Sharon Carter: 175 miles

Liza Nicklin: 165 miles

John Greenwood: 164 miles

John Alderidge: 132 miles

Nicky Bennewith: 71 miles

Megan Greenwood: 44 miles